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Second Life: Wherein I've Run Away to Join the Circus

Tezcatlipoca Bisiani is Andrew's Second Life alter-ego. Among other things, Tezcatlipoca is currently the IBM Exhibition Space curator in Residence.

Tezcatlipoca was also the University of Kentucky's first Virtual Curator in Residence.

What is Second Life?
In short it's a user-created collaborative 3D world. The best thing to do is go get the client and log in. Nutshell advice: SL is like a treasure hunt that rewards the patient and the loquacious. Your first task should be to understand the "alt-cam," second should be to explore and talk to lots of people. Expect to see a lot of crap, and if all this annoys you, find a guide.

Why do you care?
Besides meeting a lot of interesting people, I've discovered that SL has a rich art community. Yes it's weird, but so was the Villiage in the 60s, and at least here you can always turn off the computer and pretend it never happened. Never mind the bollocks, come visit.

Okay, what are you up to?
Lately I've been curating the IBM Exhibition Space and acting as the Univeristy of Kentucky's first Virtual Curator. You can check out all the information on the spaces here, Read my curatorial biography (PDF), or best yet, follow the links above to visit the spaces. I'm sometimes busy but make an effort to respond to everybody, so feel free to send me a message in world if you have any questions or comments.

Where Else Should I Go?
I get that a lot. One issue is that the really cool places tend to be short lived, but try sending me an IM in world and I'll point you at my current favorites. Also, chances are good I found them via the NPIRL blog. Check that and consider joining the in-world NPIRL group. While it certainly doesn't cover everything, it does cover a lot and the quality is consistently high.

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