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L 16" x W 6" x H 68"
Hollow is a mechanism that moves a harmonica slowly back and forth across a CPR mouth, with the blower activated it produces a droning resonant sound. When the cycle ends, the mechanism moves the instrument away from the mouth.

With Hollow, I wanted to capture the sound and feeling of having an asthma attack. The sound within the body during an attack can be deafening, from the wheeze in the chest to the high-pitched ringing in the ears. With this internal noise is also an overwhelming sense of aloneness, as the battle to breath is your own and one which no one can help you with. When the attack passes and the internal cacophony dies down, a sense of calm and wellbeing comes over you, as you realize that you have escaped death one more time. With this piece, I wanted to simultaneously convey this sense of loneliness and relief

Joseph Kohnke
Joseph Kohnke was born in the Central Bay Area, California in 1973 and now works and lives in Chicago, Illinois. He received his BFA with an emphasis in sculpture from San Jose State University in California and his MFA with an emphasis in art and technology from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in Illinois. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Contact Information
1131 Palm Terrace
Pasadena CA, 91104

Sale Information
Artwork is for sale for $1800.00. Please contact artist.