SinK is a SINLAB project. SinK (SINLAB Kinect-or) is a general purpose native OSX Cocoa Ap for interfacing with the Microsoft Kinect. The tool supports skeleton tracking and highly configurable OSC output. This project forms the backbone of MODULEArt, a general purpose system for creating interactive artworks. SinK is built on top of OpenNI and VVOSC. It is in early alpha, but is freely available on Github. Please let me know if you do something interesting with it!

Download the installer (SiNK_alpha_...)
Installs the SiNK application and all required libraries. Requires OSX 10.6+

Download the Processing Template (SiNK_processingTemplate_...)
Makes the development of processing sketches that wish to consume SiNK output a little easier.

Download the source (alpha)
SinK Source.