Hello, I am Dr. Andrew Sempere, a designer, artist and feral academic who engages in transdisciplinary, practice-based research. I am from the US but live and work primarily in Switzerland. My PhD is from EPFL (2015), my Masters is from the MIT Media Lab (MS 2003) and my undergraduate degree is from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA 2001). I operate between several theatre, art and design universities. In between my masters and my doctoral work I spent twelve years working in industry, primarily in software development, design and industrial research including the IBM Center for Social Software (2007-2012).

If you are interested in hiring me for commercial work
you want Digital Scenographic. If you are interested in my art practice, you want my portfolio.
If you want my para-academic research projects and collaborations, you want Feral Research. I also spend a lot of time on twitter.

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As an artist I have been abusing new technologies for art purposes since 2001. My preferred medium is physical interactive sculptural or installation work, although I also occasionally produce software or performance pieces.

I have frequently collaborated with artist Mary Lucking. In 2001 we co-founded the Tangentlab Art Collective along with fellow School of the Art Insitute graduates Dima Strakovsky, Ben Chang and Silvia Ruzanka. Our first group show (LFMI, c.2000) was held at the 1926 Exhibition Space in Chicago. Our most well known project was The Jackal Project (2001-2003), which we produced together at a number of venues across the United States.

Mary and I continue to collaborate and were responsible for Artistic Mediums I and Artistic Mediums II, a pair of group shows exploring the idea of artists working with technology as “mediums” in the 1930s Spiritualist sense (both as charlatan entertainers and as actual conduits for gaining insight into the invisible).

In 2006 and 2007 I produced and curated a number of virtual artworks as the University of Kentucky’s first virtual visiting curator. I also founded and ran the IBM Exhibition Space, a large-scale virtual art gallery which provided virtual “land grants” to artists working in VR.

Most recently I moved from the US to Switzerland, where I joined an experimental transdisciplinary research lab, acquired a PhD and have been doing my best to establish an art and technology research center in a performance context. This move slowed my artistic output considerably but I am gradually working on re-establishing my studio practice. You can read more about my ongoing performance technology / theater work on digital scenography here. If for some reason you would like to hire me for creative commercial work, please visit Digital Scenographic.

I occasionally teach at La Manufacture (Haute École de Théâtre de Suisse Romande) and have lectured at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK) and HEAD in Geneva. I used to teach at Harvard Extension. I co-founded the Feral Research Coalition and am a Trustee Emeritus of the Boston Awesome Foundation.

You may have seen my work at:
Fourth Moscow Biennale,
Lausanne Les Urbaines Festival
Seattle Bumbershoot Music Festival
Siggraph 2002
Boston Cyberarts,
7th Manifestation Internationale Vidéo et Art Électronique in Quebec
Version 2.0 festival at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art