Working From Home

Video piece created for Riders on the Train exhibit

11.10.09 – Jamaica Plain, MA 
Axiom Center for New & Experimental Media

I have always loved subterranean passageways and subways for the way in which they carry you through them in odd little bubbles of climate controlled comfort. The lights inside glint off the interior glass and prevent you from seeing what’s really out there, but you know: there are creatures, old stations, homeless camps, cold war bomb shelters, thirty foot rats. It’s a voyeuristic game really, flying by at speed, only occasionally glimpsing curious shapes, spaces just beyond reach.

I commute on the subway almost every day, except when I work at home. This short video blends an audio clip of my commute with a subway-like view of my house (beginning next to my desk and ending somewhere in the dining room.) Here be dragons, or dogs at least, and who knows what else.