Artistic Mediums I+II

Two exhibitions organized and co-curated with Mary Lucking on the role of artists who work with technology acting as “mediums,” in both the sense of “charlatans” manipulating science for narrative and entertainment ends and as actual mediums, exploring our potential futures and acting as spirit guides.

Artistic Mediums I
April 2008, Pontiac, Michigan
Exhibition Catalog

Artistic Mediums II
January 24-February 25, 20011 in Newton, MA
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Gallery guide (for 12-15 year olds)
Exhibition catalog

From John Dee Scryberspace, featured in AM II

Technology has always brought us twin gifts of delight and fear: magical new powers inspire joy and exploration, but send us further into the unknown to shoulder risk and unease. Today our skills are powerful and mysterious: Information flows great distances, objects move about under remote control or with a will of their own. Environments are saturated by invisible data; encoded intelligence swarms around us, carrying the story of our collective fate at the speed of light through walls and across the depths of space. Increasingly, as we move our lives online, large portions of our emotional universe have lost corporeal form. Meanwhile virtual spaces, robotic pets and digital agents seek to cross the uncanny valley and become part of our everyday experience. What does this mean? Does this communion with the invisible devalue the spiritual or encourage magical thinking? Does it represent the coming together of a whole or an increasing divide? Do ghosts exist as part of the electromagnetic spectrum? What of Demons or Angels?